Details Matter #2 – Reinventing the Light Bulb

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  • posted 07/30/2014 @ 8:48 am

Thomas Edison was smart. History has proven that. The light bulb has come a long way since his carbonized bamboo filament though. Soft light, white light, energy efficient, and many other forms, functions, and styles exist. For some, going to the local department store and picking whatever is on the shelf is good enough. Remember though that lighting is about more than just wattage. Selecting the right type is a key component to enjoyable living. Connie has been part of our Home Design Center team for over 6 years. Connie knows lighting. Here are just a few considerations to take into account when selecting your light bulb options. Do you have an appreciation for the old style light bulbs? These are back on the market and are a great way to add some flavor to an older fixture. What time of day do you use the light? If the answer is during the day, then yes consider day light bulb. If during the evening, then consider a white light. Most all, remember that having a variety of lighting options (lamps, under cabinets fixtures, overhead lighting on a dimmer, etc.) is key to have the flexibility to create the mood to fit your need.