Installing Trim Tip Remodel


Details Matter #1 Not All Trim is Made Equal.

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  • posted 11/19/2015 @ 8:49 am

Trim is trim….or so you think. Where a store gets its trim is an important factor on how your finished project is going to look when it is all said and done. Oftentimes customers don’t know to ask where the trim comes from. So let’s take a moment and take a look behind the curtain. At some warehouses trim was cut over 1 year ago and placed in a large bin. This ends up resulting in an inferior product for customers. The trim can be too dry (affecting its durability and ability to take stain). Secondly because it all comes from one big bin, chances are two pieces that meet in a section aren’t going to be similar.

The key to a professional remodel project is in the details. Details matter. The trim from our supplier goes directly from tree to cut finished pieces. This ensures the product is consistent, fresh, and strong.